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so what?

So I love sales.  I love mentoring.  I love coaching.  I love being different.  I love creating theatre.  I love that there’s no downside in sales.  There’s freedom in having nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You can try things.  You can cut against the grain, swim upstream as my former Rosenbluth colleagues liked to say.  If they laugh at you along the way, it’s okay.  I’ve been laughed at and criticized by the best but I’ve won waaaaaaay more than I’ve lost.  If you don’t venture, you’ll never gain.  You'll just blend in and blending in doesn’t get you noticed.  If you’re not noticed you don’t win.

three residencies per quarter

The Residency is a new sales development program I’ve introduced on behalf of the In the Black Group.  Each member of our firm is able to lead a residency structured around their primary skill set.  Residencies are immersion learning programs and I am personally leading the sales residency programs in the U.S. and Europe.  Each residency can include up to three people per client.

two slots remains for 4Q24

The current 4Q24 residency schedule runs in September thru November and we limit there being three sets of quarterly residencies per year with three residencies per session  One slot for 4Q24 has already been filled and two remain for those interested and qualified.  Subsequent sessions are slated to run from January thru March and April thru June.


The Residency program is clearly not for people new to sales.  Qualifying for a Residency slot entails providing a Curriculum Vitae/Resume for each applicant which will be followed by an interview.  This step will enable me to determine where the Residency applicant(s) lands on the sales experience spectrum. Proficiency will be measured on a 100 point scale with “good” being measured as zero and “method” being 100.  Categories of proficiency will be measured both individually and in the aggregate.  Weighting will be applied in accordance with the objective outcomes sought by the Residency participant and by the standard applied to the overall Sales Residency.  Categories of proficiency will include the following:


ACT ONE:  Previews (est. 45 hours)

  • Pipeline development

    • identifying target prospects

    • ongoing communication

    • emotive engagement

  • Diagnostics application

    • conversationalizing

    • results analysis

  • Proposal provocation

    • unsolicited proposals

    • prescriptive proposal writing

    • cutting directly to a deal

    • buying business

ACT TWO:  SHOWTIME (est. 45 hours)

  • theater creation

  • presentation development

  • story telling with pictures

  • rule 15

  • product staging

  • site tours and inspections

  • pitch preparation and delivery

  • casting the right actors

  • scripting

  • product demos

  • rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal

  • reading the room

  • shutting down and moving off-script as needed

  • make the sale and walk away

ACT THREE:  CURTAIN CALL (est. 30 hours)

  • closing the sale

  • presentation follow-up

  • setting the contract path and timeline

  • contract development

  • giving and taking

  • core contracting versus incentives

  • termination clauses

up up and away

The logistics of the Residency program vary.  PHASE ONE will be mostly delivered remotely via Zoom for Residency participants working remotely.  For all others a portion of the learning will take place in the participant’s office environment.  PHASE TWO will be delivered almost entirely at the Residency participant’s office site.  This phase will also include people typically involved in sales presentations.  PHASE THREE will mostly be delivered remotely with a portion taking place at the In the Black Group HQ in New York or at a remote temporary office-sharing location nearby the Residency participant’s remote or office base.

what now?

Parties interested in the Sales Residency program should contact Ron DiLeo directly.  Inquiries and a copy of the applicant's CV should be directed to: 

The Residency

During my 40+ years in the travel industry I have had the pleasure of working with and leading some of the best sales organizations on the planet.  Ranging from travel management companies at Rosenbluth International and American Express as an executive with those companies competing for global Fortune 500 company contracts to large super-regional TMCs, in an advisory capacity, that were focused on smaller and medium size enterprise sized company contracts. Let's just say I cut a large swath of experience.  I’ve also done some great work with airline sales organizations focused on business travel.

$8 billion

That’s how much new/new business I have sold through these team efforts over my years in the travel industry, often the underdog.  In the course of that work I’ve shaped good sales people into great sales people.  I’ve shaped great sales people into incredible sales people.  I’ve shaped incredible sales people into the extraordinary realm.  And I’ve shaped extraordinary sales people into method actors in the stature of legendary hall of famers.

Screen Shot 2024-05-18 at 1.49.12 PM.png

The Residency:  An Executive Summary

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